About Us

Anxiety Canada (formerly AnxietyBC™) is a registered charity established in 1999 by a group of concerned individuals, family members, and health professionals. The association’s mission is to promote awareness of anxiety disorders and support access to proven resources and treatment.

We have many volunteers who bring expertise to Anxiety Canada, including a national Scientific Advisory Committee, a Youth Committee, and a Board of Directors.

Anxiety Canada™ is a leader in developing free online, self-help, and evidence-based resources on anxiety and anxiety disorders and promotes understanding about anxiety and anxiety disorders through general information sessions, professional seminars and workshops, offered throughout the year.  We are the developers of the free MindShift app which helps youth and young adults manage anxiety, using step-by-step strategies based on psychological treatment.

Anxiety Canada is a member of the BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information and one of seven leading mental health and addictions non-profit agencies in British Columbia. BC Partners contribute and collaborate on the development of evidence-based resources and services related to mental health and addictions.

Anxiety Canada funds programs and services through donations and grants. We receive support for health literacy through the Provincial Health Services Authority.


A society where mental health is prioritized and free of stigma and prejudice 


Promote awareness of anxiety disorders and increase access to proven resources

Fondly Remembered

Dr. Peter McLean 1940-2008